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Thesis Proofreading

Small typos, misspellings and grammatical shortcomings are easy to miss when you have already spent dozens and even hundreds of hours staring at your own writing. Nonetheless, they detract from the professionalism of a thesis and can be quite distracting for the reader. By acquiring the services of a professional proofreader, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your thesis will stand up to even the harshest scrutiny.

Many editing services distinguish between thesis proofreading and more intensive forms of editing, often charging different rates depending on the level of editing required. We know that money worries and nit-picking distinctions are the last thing you need to deal with in this stressful time. That is why we offer a single competitive rate that includes both thesis proofreading and editing, so you don’t have to worry about anything but the content of your thesis. Leave the rest to us!

Our thesis proofreading package includes a wide array of services, including quality assurance for grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, syntax, clarity, and flow. We also check in-text citations and reference lists, as well as regional spelling conventions and adherence to whatever style guide your project requires.

We aim to keep our proofreading process as simple as possible, eliminating confusion while taking care not to sacrifice quality. Your document and style guide will be assigned to the editor who best fits the criteria of your project. Our editor will then do a read-through, noting any typos, discrepancies, or other errors using the Track Changes tool in MSWord. The editor may also include comments in the margin of the thesis if needed. The file will then be returned to you for review. You will be able to see every change made, and have the option of going through and reviewing each change individually, or approving all changes together.

Our goal is to make your paper stand out, and we aren’t satisfied until you are. Please feel free to contact us today for further information about our services, or to receive a quote for your upcoming thesis project.