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Thesis Editing

After months of dedication and hours of hard work, it is important to ensure that your thesis is as grammatically and structurally sound as it is content-rich. A professional copy editor will review your thesis and correct any grammar, flow or style issues that may require special attention.

Because authors typically spend hundreds of hours researching and perfecting their arguments, it is very easy for a thesis to be handicapped by bias and a lack of objectivity. A professional thesis editor is able to look at your work with eyes that are not only fresh, but also sharp and technically proficient in the art of thesis editing. Through an objective assessment of your thesis coupled with a detailed grammatical edit, a professional thesis editor can give your paper the edge it needs. After all, this document not only represents months and sometimes years of past study and work, but also directly impacts your future career success. Thus, it is essential that your thesis presents your ideas comprehensively, with attractive style and flow and with grammatical perfection that demonstrates your professionalism. By acquiring a professional thesis editing service, you can rest easy knowing that your presentation is of the highest quality.

There is often a bit of confusion regarding the difference between proofreading and editing. While proofreading only looks for basic typos and errors in grammar, capitalization, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and clarity, editing goes one step further, providing a deeper, more intensive review and looking at sentence structure, paragraph flow, and overall cohesion of the thesis. In addition, we will review your reference lists and in-text citations, table of contents, and adherence to the project style guide and overall thesis requirements. We will also look at things like regional spelling and grammar conventions, tables and figures, and use of numbers/lists/abbreviations/etc.

We try to keep the editing process as simple as possible. Our expert language technicians will indicate all necessary and suggested changes with the MSWord Track Changes tool. They might also include comments in the margins in places where there is some ambiguity about your intended meaning, or where you might want to reconsider your assertions or sentence structure. Once the file has been returned to you, all you have to do is go through the document and review the suggested changes, approving or rejecting them as you see fit.

Rather than spending hours fretting over your thesis, let our professional editors do all of the hard work for you!