Piggyback Adventures...

1. Raises awareness of FSH muscular dystrophy

2. Advocates for global handicap accessibility

3. Creates thoughtful projects that deliver lasting impact

the idea

Piggybacks for Carden to various events began around 2009 once her FSHD progression started affecting her ability to walk. However, taking it to the next level began sitting around the dinner table one night in 2014, we jokingly suggested the idea to carry Carden through an obstacle course race via piggyback. We turned this vision into a reality as we completed the first Reebok Spartan Sprint in 2015. We haven't stopped disrupting since. The Appalachian Trail hike was Marshall Mosher's idea (co-founder of Vestigo) and reached out to Carden after seeing Spencer's airing on NBC's American Ninja Warrior to continue the piggyback idea.

The A.T. schedule