Day 2 | Reality Sinks In, Goosebumps Ooze, and an Idea Seeps from the Brow

By Bryan Wish

“The crazy duality in our #piggyback adventures is there is one person who is physically incapable versus one person who may think they are physically incapable. But the beauty that lies within the two mindsets is there is a common dream, which bonds two people together step by step to achieve a common goal.”
— Spencer Wyckoff

Day 2 began with an early rise, a chilling air with the wind gusts removed from the equation. Marshall started the day off by cooking everyone an awesome breakfast with eggs , bacon, and grits. Shortly after, the team embarked on what would be their toughest stretch yet, an 8.4 mile hike to Gooch Gap with 3 added team members - Joe, Clay, and Tyler (and Shea the dog!).

While a bit sore from Day 1, Spencer Wyckoff, the notable “flag-bearer” took charge by carrying Carden the first leg of the trip. What followed was a consistent team effort where Marshall Mosher, Vestigo’s captain took Carden on a steady push. Next was Carden’s Dad, followed by Joe, Tyler, Clay, and Virginia. Before long, the team was a few miles into the trip. While no end in mind, the team trucked forward.

One of the breakthroughs of Day 2 was creating an efficient system to take Carden off the harness and pass her along to someone else to keep the group moving. Keep in mind that it was taking between ten to fifteen minutes to make the transition from one person to another on the first day. The team figured out that while someone was carrying Carden on the harness, another person would then take her and go “bareback” for shorter sprints. The person who previously held the harness would let someone else put it on while someone took Carden on the bareback. This allowed for transition times to be reduced by roughly ten minutes per stop. This hybrid strategy improved dividends not only on time, but the physical impact on Carden, and the morale and camaraderie of the group.

As the group continued forward, there was a sign that left everyone a bit deflated. It read, “4.8 miles to Gooch Gap.” Spencer remarked, “this was definitely the low point of the day for me. It seemed like we had already gone so far, the GPS was telling us we’d gone further, and we weren’t even halfway to the campsite.” But, keep in mind the resilient bunch who were behind the idea of doing this from the start … Nothing was going to stop Marshall, Carden, and Spencer from leading onward.

But, then there was a moment where the journey took a turn for the worse … A daunting memory that Spencer would ensure didn’t happen again … “We made a mistake when we were transitioning Carden to another body … Instead of using the 3 foot orange tripod we were setting her down on, we put her on a slanted log … and then all of a sudden we heard how much pain she was in being in such an uncomfortable position.” Spencer’s voice describing this moment only showed how much he cared about his sister and how to make this arduous trek as easy as possible for her.

The team’s high of the day was when they arrived at Gooch Gap around 6 pm, after almost seven hours of hiking. They did not just arrive to an empty campsite though, they arrived to a campsite where Sarah Isabel Wall’s (Marshall’s Girlfriend) Parents, C.K. and Susan were waiting with hot bowls of fresh chili for the team. It was just the refuel the team needed, eating quietly, devouring every bite until they were full in the stomach for the first time in a long time.

After dinner, Marshall’s roommate and officemate, Bryan Wish arrived to bring in some cooking supplies and support on Day 3 of the walk. The profound moment of the day was a moment only half the campsite heard. Bryan, Marshall, and Spencer were sitting around the campfire talking about their careers. Spencer began asking Bryan and Marshall about their businesses and why they started. Spencer began discussing his work at Home Depot and the great benefits and perks of the job.

Before long, Bryan said to Spencer, “well, what’s your dream?”

Spencer replied, “the tough thing about my dream is that it may be unattainable … I have a sister with a disease that I can’t stop from worsening.”

GOOSEBUMPS rattled down everyones spine and there was a long pause...

Soon after, Bryan brought up a recent conversation with a group of medical students he had met at MIT where they discussed how some of the biggest breakthroughs in medicine have come from private enterprise. Marshall chipped in with a similar comment.

Not before long, the “what if” of the moment started creeping in. We started questioning the system, being bold, and asking, “why do we give our money to nonprofits for FSH where there is no transparency for where our money is going?” There has to be a better way, a solution...

Soon the question was asked … “What if we started our own company and figured out how to solve this problem ourselves?”  

The seed of an idea was planted, and Day 3 was only going to get better.

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Special Thanks to the Day 2 Crew:

Spencer, Carden, Virginia, Dad, Marshall, Clay Trimmer, Chris, Ben, Sarah, Joe, Jen, Tyler (& Shea the dog!)

Special thank you to our sponsors Rehab Mart Merrell, Deuter, OFD Foods, Scosche, LED-Lenser, Diamond Brand Outdoors

This trip wouldn't be possible without our proud partner, Marshall Mosher and his team have been incredible and we are so fortunate to work with them.